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Annual General Meeting Joint Chapter Program
May 13, 2010, Marquette Alumni Memorial Union


  • Chapters represented: Delta Gamma (Marquette), Phi Beta (Concordia), Eta Nu (UWM), Tau Mu (Carroll), Tau Sigma (Columbia)
  • Delta Gamma members present: Mosley, Haag-Heitman, Strehlow, Dressler,            O’Reilly, Lendosky, Callahan, Porreca, Smith, Polchert, Greene, Fehring, Varga,       Weis, Hankes and guest Karen Roberts from Marian University.
  • The meeting was called to order by President Haag-Heitman at 5:45 p.m.             Introductions were made around the table.
  • Program report: President H-H explained the activities of the current year and reported on the 30th Anniversary celebration that was held in conjunction with      induction in April. Members were reminded that the DG website contains             specifics for Delta Gamma activities including the Strategic Plan. The Transition      Meeting to orient new board members will be held in June, date to be announced.
  • Governance: Dressler is nominated as the new Faculty Counselor. A discussion was held regarding the cost for students to join STTI. Various ideas were offered    that might offset this deterrent to membership. Scholarships and member             sponsorship of new inductees will be an agenda item for the next board.
  • Leadership Succession: Greene reported that the slate is covered and the election will occur electronically in the near future. Participation as a board member,             committee chair and other active involvement in the chapter was encouraged. A     president-elect nominee is needed.
  • Research: Fehring reported that the SE Wisconsin Research Day was well             attended with many good quality research reports.
  • Announcements: Callahan reported on the planning for the year long 75th             Anniversary Celebration for the College of Nursing
  • The Annual Meeting adjourned at 6:15 to be followed by:

Joint Chapter Program:

A dinner followed the business meetings. The after dinner panel speakers discussed varied International Programs provided by their respective schools. The theme was “Celebrating the International Year of the Nurse – Close to Home”. Panel members : Darlene Weis, Delta Gamma chapter, Penninah Kako, Eta Nu chapter, Kim Whitmore, Phi Beta chapter, Tammy Kasprovich, Tau Sigma chapter, and  Tau Mu chapter.


MEETING MINUTES OF: Delta Gamma Chapter STTI           
DATE: February 11, 2010 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.                       
PRESENT: Callahan (guest), Fehring, Greene, Haag-Heitman, Hankes, O’Reilly, Polchert (by phone)                                   
HELD: Room 220, Clark Hall, Marquette University College of Nursing




Call to order – H-H

4:10 p.m. by President H-H




Minutes - Hankes

Approved as distributed

Treasurer’s report – Darling not present

No report. Darling informed H-H that current invoices had been paid.

Postcards – O’Reilly, Greene, Bobay and members present

“Save-the-Date” postcards have been sent to active members. The list of inactive members, (several hundred names) was divided among members present. ZIP code is not included on the list of inactive member addresses. The postcard announces the 30 year anniversary (Sunday, April 25, 2010), provides the DG web site address and announces the intent of correspondence being electronic only.

Members are to address postcards to some section of the inactive list and place them in the STTI mailbox at the college. Bobay will see they are mailed.

30th Anniversary – H-H & O’Reilly

Induction ceremony will begin at 2:00 p.m. in MU Ballroom, O’Reilly has the program planned. There are 25 inductees. Troy, the speaker, will also be inducted into the DG chapter. The program invitation/announcement will include a request for children’s books for the MU Neighborhood Health Clinic. The 30th Anniversary ceremony will immediately follow the induction. Callahan will arrange for an MU photographer to be present during the ceremony and the “High Tea” reception to follow. Gifts for members present will be distributed during the reception.

Bobay will provide Hankes with the cart containing the necessary objects for the induction ceremony.

Spring Joint Program – H-H

The April 14th date is not possible. The event has been tabled for the time being.

O’Reilly will pursue one more attempt to arrange the meeting.

Ballot - Greene

The nomination process will be electronic. All members will be solicited via “blast email” for self or other nomination to the open positions. Consent to serve will also be done on-line.

Fehring will solicit a faculty counselor at the Friday, Feb. 12 faculty meeting.

Leadership Academy

The faculty counselor will be funded to this event.

O’Reilly scheduled to attend in Atlanta

Research - Fehring

The Sigma Theta Tau - Delta Gamma Chapter research grant announcement was sent out by e-mail to all Marquette College of Nursing faculty and students in the doctoral programs. Mary Polchert and four faculty members at MUCN had their research abstracts accepted for presentation as posters at the May 13th Southeast Wisconsin research day. STT-DG is one of the sponsors of the research day.

Polchert post to DG web site and email blast to all members.

The Board congratulates Marquette faculty - Dr. Abir Behket on her STTI grant.


Dean Callahan further explained the proposed activities of the 75th Anniversary year of the CON. The kickoff will be in July of 2010 and activities will continue throughout the year. There will be opportunities for the DG chapter to participate.

Next Meeting – March 11 at 4:00pm. Haag-Heitman unable to attend








DATE: January 13, 2010, 4:00 – 5:00 pm           
PRESENT: Haig-Heitman, Bobay, Greene, Hankes, Fehring, Lambrecht/Dehart.
Carey by phone.
HELD: Room 220, Clark Hall, Marquette University                       


Call to order – H-H 4:05 p.m by President H-H  
Minutes - Hankes Approved as distributed with the addition of information regarding the sending of a postcard to “save the date” for induction/30 year celebration and to request update on email addresses. There are 482 active members and over 1000 inactive members, so 1000 cards will be purchased and bulk mailed through Speedy Print. The price for 500 is $500. H-H and OReilly will manage obtaining and sending cards.
Leadership Succession
Spring Ballot - Greene
The positions of president, president-elect will both be on the ballot. Current president-elect will be unable to fill the president position. Current president will run again. The election will be organized and implemented electronically, it is not necessary to have the election at a general meeting. Greene, Carey and Lendosky will manage the slate and the election.
Facebook – H-H All new inductees will be invited to join Facebook. Ohlendorf created the site and will provide the necessary information for further work to be done. H-H, Carey and Dehart will manage the Facebook
Spring (general) Joint meeting

Date TBA. Site TBA but assumed to be the same venue as previously, the UWM downtown campus CE meeting rooms. Ann Cook will coordinate from the Eta Nu chapter. OReilly will coordinate from MU. The presentation will be a panel on “International Year of the Nurse”. A. Cook, H-H and OReilly will follow up
Research - Fehring Fehring reminded the board of the upcoming SE Wisconsin “Bridges” research conference. He reported that MU has eight abstracts submittes. Two will be paper presentations, six will be posters.

Proposals for the Research Award are due April 1, 2010.
Fehring will work with Polchert on publicizing this information.
Governance - Bobay The by-laws now come from international, so this is no longer an action of this committee. Scholarship Awards will be managed and awarded by this committee.  
Treasurer No report – Darling not present  
Induction 2010/30th Anniversary

OReilly, H-H
H-H and Dean Callahan will begin the program. 15 graduate inductees (MSN, DNP, PhD), nine undergraduate and two community leaders will be inducted. Troy, an alum award recipient, will be inducted as a community leader. She will speak for 10 minutes or less. The Research Award recipients will be announced and introduced, Pat Schroeder will speak reflecting on the 30 years of DG and all DG members will be asked to renew their commitment to chapter excellence. The proposed title for the event is “Rich History, Bright Future: Celebrating 30 Years of Delta Gamma”. This title will be incorporated into the “save the date” postcard. Every member and inductee attending will receive a gift of a lavender I-check flash drive.
A total of one and a half hours for the ceremony, followed by a reception. The event is scheduled for April 25th at 2:00 o’clock pm in the MU Union.

O'Reilly and the program committee will oversee the event.
 H-H will “host” the event.
Fehring will introduce the Research Awards.
Dressler will recite the inductees names.

Bobay will be unable to attend; Hankes will assist in managing the protocol and ritual.
Announcement – H-H The Book Drive delivered about 100 books to the MU Neighborhood Health Clinic. The strategy is to collect books for the clinic at every DG meeting or event.  
Adjournment – H-H


Respectfully submitted,

Diana Hankes


The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 o’clock. The next meeting TBA


DATE: June 22, 2009 , 1-4 p.m.
PRESENT: K. Bobay, M.A.O’Reilly, B. Haag-Heitman, J.Ohlendorf, M Greene, J. Nook, M. Polchert, D. Hankes, R. Fehring, K. Lambrecht
Marquette College of Nursing Room 261

  1. Call to order – at 1:10 p.m. by president HH. President HH thanked J. Nook for her years for service to the chapter and acknowledged the contributions of all outgoing members.

  2. Minutes of March 25, 2009 approved as distributed

  3. Treasurer’s report submitted via email and accepted.

A. The over-run cost of the joint chapter meeting of March 25 will be shared by the four chapters involved.

B. The Board endorses budgetary support for DG chapter representation at the Biennial Convention and the Leadership Academy or its facsimile.

  1. Annual Report was jointly prepared by those present and will be submitted by HH to International. The report will also be posted on the chapter web-site.

  2. The Strategic Planning document for 2009-2011 was jointly discussed and prepared. The focus areas of the report include:
    • involvement with the MU Neighborhood Health Clinic
    • continued Web enhancement
    • continued involvement with Project Beyond
    • and planning for the 30th Anniversary of the Delta Gamma Chapter.

  1. 30th Anniversary celebration

A. Suggestions for the 30 year celebration included devising some method for inviting nursing students to shadow and be mentored by DG members, thus broadening their horizons in terms of the varied nature of nursing and enhancing sustainability.

B. The celebration will be planned in some conjunction to the spring induction on April 25, 2010 to showcase leadership and chapter history.

C. Members who volunteered to assist the program committee for the 30th Anniversary planning are: Barb HH, D.Hankes, M. Polchert, and K. Lambrecht

  1. Web enhancement

A. PayPal will launch on the web site, making registration payment easier for programs.

B. FaceBook will be linked in some way to the DG web site.

C. Polchert submitted a written report with several ideas for web use. The Board thanks and appreciates the efforts to maintain and enhance the web site.

  1. Meeting schedule Fall 2009: Thursday September 10, Thursday October 8 and November 12. Kristin Haglund will be asked to speak as part of the general Fall meeting. The Board will meet in conjunction with the general meeting.

  2. Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m. Transition members met individually and Greene explained the value of reading the transitional materials available on the STTI web site


March 25, 2009
Joint Chapter Program: Delta Gamma, Eta Nu, Tau Mu, Tau Sigma
UWM School of Continuing Education, Plankinton Building

  1. The meeting was called to order by President-Elect Siclovan at 5:45 p.m. Introductions were made for those present – 12 members of Delta Gamma including the Region 4 coordinator.

  2. Program Report: Siclovan reminded those present to check the DG website for information about the Book Drive to benefit the MU Neighborhood Health Clinic. A brochure announcing the Project BEYOND World Café was distributed; members are encouraged to attend. The DG website contains specifics for Delta Gamma activities including the Strategic Plan. The Transition Meeting to orient new board members will be held in June, date to be announced.

  3. Governance: All are invited and encouraged to attend the Induction Ceremony scheduled for April 26, 2009 in the MUMU ballroom at 2:00 p.m. MUCON will host the CCNE accreditation visitors April 1-3, 2009. STTI-DG members are invited to a reception to meet and speak with the visitors on April 2 at 5:00 p.m. in the Terrace of the CON.

  4. Leadership Succession: Ohlendorf distributed the ballot and biographical information for the slate of officers and board members for the new term. Ohlendorf determined the slate was unopposed, all were elected. New board members are: President-elect Kristi Lambrecht, Vice-president Maureen O’Reillly, Treasurer Mary Darling, and Leadership Succession Lynn Carey and Maureen Greene.

  5. Announcements: Siclovan encouraged all to visit the Delta Gamma website; it has been enhanced and should be an effective tool for member information.
    a. She reminded that Research Grant awards applications are due April 1
    b. Greene made it known that a new STTI chapter will be inducted at Concordia University. Members of this chapter have been invited to join in the joint meeting consortium.

  6. The Annual Meeting adjourned at 6:15 to be followed by:

Joint Chapter Program: Delta Gamma, Eta Nu, Tau Mu, Tau Sigma

A buffet dinner followed the business meetings. The after dinner panel speakers discussed Emergency Preparedness. Panel members were Jennifer Freiheit, Public Health Preparedness Program Coordinator Milwaukee/Waukesha County Consortium for Emergency Public Health Preparedness; Lisa Hass-Peters, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator/Injury Prevention Educator and EMS Liaison Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin; Christine Keedick, Milwaukee Internal Medicine Associates; Michelle Fredach, Nurse Clinician Emergency Services Aurora Sinai Medical Center.

DATE: January 6, 2009
PRESENT: Haag-Heitman, Bobay, Hankes, Lendosky, Ohlendorf. Nook and Polchert on conference call.
GUESTS: Dr. Margaret Callahan, Dean of MUCN, Terry Garcia, Director of Project Beyond
HELD: MUCN; Room 261





Call to order and approval of agenda.

After some problems with the phone system the meeting was called to order at 4:10 p.m. by president Haag-Heitman. Dean Callahan was welcomed to the agenda.  

Minutes of the October 8, 2008

Approved as distributed.  

New Business

Dean Callahan

Dean Callahan expressed pleasure to be connected to Delta Gamma and pledges to support the chapter; she considers STTI a very significant part of nursing both nationally and locally and has observed and participated in the organization in many settings. Her goal is to identify methods to support students, faculty and alumni and would like to see Delta Gamma as an award winning chapter.

She synopsized the work of MUCN, including revisiting the mission and vision in spring 2009 and beginning to refocus on the strategic planning process by May 2009. She has invited STTI-DG to be involved in the strategic planning process; president H-H will participate as the DG representative. Three key areas of concentration for the college are 1) marketing and communication 2) development/advancement , and 3)heightened awareness of MUCN on campus and in the community.

The college has many more nursing undergraduate applicants than can be admitted, so can be very selective in enrollment. The downside is being unable to accommodate all deserving students. Another area needing resources is the Marquette Neighborhood Health Clinic. She sees the clinic as a real service to the community. Dean Callahan is addressing these areas and is requesting resources for the college that will be in addition to the usual budget funding.

The Board appreciates Dean Callahan’s efforts and thanks her for attending.

Committee Reports:

Finance – Darling not present

Governance – Bobay

Leadership Succession – J. O.



Program - Nook

Finance report was submitted electronically and accepted.

Christina Keedrick was welcomed in absentia as a new board member.

Ohlendorf will be aggressive in finding a slate of nominees, and will work with Polchert to post to the website. A call to all members to be active in the chapter, to self-select to board positions and to nominate others will be posted. The “Facebook” will be instituted for social networking. The positions to be filled in this year’s election are: 1) President-elect 2) Vice president 3) Treasurer and 4) two Leadership Succession positions, one being the chair.

The Program committee is going forward with H-H’s idea of “Emergency Preparedness” as the topic for the Joint Chapter meeting in spring. Eta Nu (UWM) and Tau Nu (Columbia Mt. Mary) and DG are on board with the idea. The venue will remain the UWM CE site in Grand Avenue.




Members are asked to solicit nominations for the required slate of offices.



The date is not final but will probably be the week of March 23rd.

Web Page


Induction will occur on April 26, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. in the MU union ballroom.

H-H and Polchert and the webmaster have been working to upgrade the website and the site is much improved. The board appreciates the efforts. The website is intended to be the major DG communication tool. Updating of the data base of members is ongoing.

Polchert intends to have some issue or item that reflects the accomplishment of the strategic plan “showcased” each month on the site. January – Project Beyond, February – slate of nominees for election to the DG Board, March- joint spring program and Induction, April/May- updates on Induction and the MUNHC book drive.

Website will link the DG chapter to Project Beyond and to the MUCN site.

Update member data base.

Strategic Plan updates

Project Beyond – Garcia




MUNHC book drive – Haag- Heitman and Gloria McGrath CRNP

The following are elements of DG strategic planning –leadership and service to the community.

Garcia reported on the very successful first year of Project Beyond. Diverse underrepresented students have increased from 12% to 18% at this point. There are a total of 21 students enrolled in Project Beyond not including the incoming fall freshmen. Project Beyond wishes to have mentors for the PB students, at this time there are four mentors. DG members were encouraged to become mentors. The PB need for mentors will be posted to the web site. The Board thanks Garcia for her efforts.

McGrath accepted the box of children’s books collected as part of DG’s effort to support the clinic. She thanked the members and assured that the books would be well received.

Mentors needed for Project Beyond.

A reception is planned for April 3rd after the CCNE visitors leave.


The book collection will continue.

Adjournment at 5:00 p.m.

The next meeting is February 12, 2009 at 4:00 p.m. The March/April meeting will take place at the Joint Meeting in late March.  


Respectfully submitted, Diana Hankes



Please help us provide leadership and scholarship in practice, education and research to enhance the health of all people.

For more information, please contact Barb Haag-Heitman, President.

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