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DATE: August 18, 2010
PRESENT: Kathleen Lendosky, Dr. Richard Fehring, Diane Dressler, Dr. Barb Haag-Heitman, Terrie Garcia, Dr. Margaret Callahan, Maureen O’Reilly, Maureen Greene
ABSENT: Mary Polchert, Mary Darling
HELD: Room 220, Clark Hall, Marquette University College of Nursing




Call to order 4:05 p.m. by President H-H  
Minutes              7-1-2010 minutes approved with minor correction- addition of Kathleen Lendosky. Motion by Maureen O’Reily; seconded by Dr. Richard Fehring Terrie Garcia to make revision and send to Mary Polchert

Finalize strategic plan

Strategic plan (pg 3). Goal and Steps: Explore association with a non-STTI Milwaukee School of nursing “at large” chapter affiliation.

Dialogue revolved around the possibility of exploring the association with a non-STTI Milwaukee School of nursing “at large” chapter. Discussion generated questions among board members about logistics, mentorship opportunities, criteria for membership, student perspectives/unity, mission of STTI, induction of new members, and which schools of nursing would become part of the “at large” chapter.  Alverno School of Nursing was specifically discussed because of their similar mission.  Issues raised included faculty workload, more efficient ways to bring faculty and students together, amount of developmental work involved, and potential lack of resources due to low membership numbers. 

Barb H-H asked for support from the members to advance the conversation of an “at large” chapter. All board members present were in support of moving forward and continue conversations about an “at large” chapter.  

Barb H-H assigned the governance committee to explore possibility in more detail.

Maureen O’Reily volunteered to contact information from Erin Hurst. 

There was also a recommendation for Patty Varga, faculty at Alverno, to be the liaison for Alverno.

Sara Morgan was also mentioned. Part of her strategic plan is for chapters to affiliate with each other. 

A one year timeline will be set for completion of this goal. Governance committee to provide a preliminary report at the October meeting.

Barb H-H and Diane Dressler will co-chair the governance committee.

Strategic Plan (pg. 3) Goal & Steps: Apply for the chapter Key award:

Barb H-H downloaded new criteria; it appears the criteria and process is somewhat different. For one, submission/forms are all electronically submitted. Maureen Greene and will find out what we need to do to meet all the criteria.  

President’s Call to Action 2009-2011: 4 areas of focus for Biennium

  1. Creating welcoming environments: responsible parties include the faculty counselor working with dean and MU faculty.  Suggestions included “branding ourselves”, showcase STTI nurses working in a variety of nursing roles, collaborating with MUSNA to increase visibility and introduce students to STTI/Delta Gamma including DE and grad students, and increasing discussions at faulty meetings.  Responsible parties remain the same. A minor language change to one of the goals/steps was made based on recommendations from the board. The following goal “Support mentoring of new student to expose them to a variety of roles in nursing beyond the acute care experience” was revised to read: “Support mentoring of new student to expose them to a variety of roles in the profession of nursing.”  All agreed with the change.

  2.  Enhancing knowledge resources and networks:  Responsible parties will continue to work on indicated goals/steps for this area of focus.  The goal to “contribute door prizes for SE Wisconsin Research in the amount of $XXX” was tabled for next meeting.  Terrie Garcia and Diane Dressler will meet to coordinate schedules and decide which STTI Leadership Academy meeting they will be attending and report back at next meeting. All other responsible parties will continue with goals/steps as indicated in strategic plan 2010-2012 draft.

  3. Creating Legacy of Personal Leadership.  Goal/step for supporting MUNHC literacy program will continue.  Program was very successful the previous year.  Barb H-H will continue as responsible party with help from Kathleen Lendosky, Diane Dressler, and Terrie Garcia

  4. Contributing to Global Health: Board discussed numerous opportunities to reach out globally as well as starting closer to home.  Some ideas included contacting Dr. Madeline Wake to discuss possible collaboration with her Haiti project and collaborating with Dr. Carolyn Labb on healthcare for the homeless. Maureen O’Reilly volunteered to work on a commitment plan. 












Maureen O’Reily to contact Erin Hurst.



Governance committee to provide preliminary report about “at large” affiliation at October meeting.

Maureen G. will report at September 9th meeting on the gaps needed to meet criteria for Key award.

Maureen O’Reilly to work with Diane Dressler on this area of focus.  Diane to discuss at next MUCN faculty meeting and report back in September


Terrie Garcia and Diane Dressler to report at next meeting

Kathleen Lendosky, Diane Dressler, and Terrie Garcia to assist Barb H-H with book drive and delivery.

Maureen O’Reilly to work on strategy for contributing to Global Health based on board discussion at meeting.

fall educational event

Dean Callahan updated board on 75th activities and mentioned inviting local alumni to Marquette University College of Nursing Commitment to the Profession Ceremony scheduled for Sunday October 3rd at 1:00 p.m. in Gesu. Barb H-H stressed the importance of co-sponsoring activities such as these with Delta Gamma to establish a working relationship, support the College, address area of focus #2 Enhancing knowledge resources and network, and help meet the criteria for the Key award.  Dean Callahan concurred and suggested that Delta Gamma provide support for the conference day of the gala (speakers, sessions, posters).  Dean Callahan will discuss at next faculty meeting to see how we could collaborate with and highlight the Delta Gamma chapter.

Membership was also discussed as well as the need to cross reference the Alum list with the Delta Gamma list to ensure we are reaching out to all members/potential members. Maureen O’Reilly mentioned there are 3 boxes with member data she needs to excavate.

Maureen O’Reilly has been added to the 75th planning committee – other alum/members include Teri Vega-Stromberg and Maureen Greene.
Dean Callahan to discuss at faculty meeting and report to DGSTTI
Update roster

Roster updated. 

Barb H-H appointed Patricia Schroeder, RN, MSN, MBA, FAAN, Dean of Nursing to the governance committee. Roster is full accordingly.  Initially position was offered to another candidate who ran for position.  Candidate did not respond, therefore, position was filled.

Terrie Garcia to send roster Mary Polchert and Barb H-H.

Barb H-H to check bylaws and report at next meeting.
Future meeting dates Common meeting day of the month. 2nd Thursday of the month consensus by all. Nothing will work for treasure before 6:00 p.m. and taking it under advisement.  Members suggested to hold a meeting time later this year as well as meeting location when the treasurer could meet.  Barb HH will take it under advisement. Terrie asked what the bylaws stated about board member attendance at meeting.  Barb H-H will check and f/u at next meeting.  


Meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.
Next meeting September 9, 2010.  4:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

Upcoming meetings October 14, 2010; November 11, 2010. 4:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.
Terrie Garcia to book rooms for meetings.



Respectfully submitted,
Juanita T. Garcia, MEd, RN



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