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DATE: July 1, 2010, 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon
PRESENT: Margaret Callahan, Barb Haag-Heitman, Diana Hankes, Maureen Greene Richard Fehring, Terrie Garcia, Maureen O’Reilly, Diane Dressler, Mary Polchert
ABSENT: Mary Darling, Kathleen Lendosky
HELD: Room 220, Clark Hall, Marquette University College of Nursing




Call to order 10:06 a.m. by President H-H  
Welcome new Board Members/general members President Barb H-H welcomed all. Diana Hankes was recognized for years of service as secretary for SSTI.

New board members recognized: Diane Dressler - faculty counselor and Terrie Garcia - secretary.

The following members were also mentioned: Marianne Mosley will serve on the leadership committee. Mary Polchert will continue to serve as the Leading Edge Editor/Marquette Web Site Liaison, and Barb H-H will serve as president for two more years. 

At this point there is no President elect. One of the focuses for the next year will be recruitment of members to fill the president elect role. 
Ongoing recruitment of members to fill the president elect role.
Minutes Approved with correction of date (May 13, 2010). Motion by Maureen Green; seconded by Dr. Richard Fehring.    Garcia will make date correction and email revised minutes to board.

Board Reports/Board Responsibilities

Chapter Finances No report – Mary Darling not present.  Barb H-H will follow-up with Mary Darling.
Programs Maureen O’ Reilly distributed a handout summarizing key points from the April 23-24th Leadership Summit Conference held in Atlanta, Georgia. The areas highlighted included membership retention, empowerment of members, pre-induction, ongoing retention, lapsed member re-engagement, tips for membership involvement, and effective communication/collaboration in your chapter.    Of these O’Reilly stressed the importance of membership retention.  O’Reilly indicated that a subgroup at STTI headquarters discussed ways to recruit and retain members, which seems to be the problem throughout all chapters. Suggestions included doing everything the budget allows because there is no one single way to contact members.  Newsletters, websites, social networking, which is becoming more important, were all methods identified to increase visibility and reach out to members.

Following is a list of a few common issues /strategies among chapters: 

  • Getting members involved in recruitment and retention is crucial. 95% of chapters allow their new members to graduate and never make contact with them.  Some suggestions were to hold social events such as an afternoon tea.
Maintaining post- induction contacts to stay connected with members and continue:
  • discussions of the benefits of STTI in their careers. 
  • Lapse member re-invitation: hold events and provide food to engage members,  as well as hold sessions at  hospital facilities to increase visibility and  recruitment to STTI
  • Effective communication and collaboration within chapter both informal and informal. 

President H-H reported that 20% of our members do not have email addresses and 28 members to date are on the STTI DG Facebook. Board discussed potential reasons for the reluctance in using electronic communication. Some reasons included less prevalence of use in rural areas, more use at work vs. home. Board discussed several ways to keep in contact with new inductees such as sending  postcards (undergraduate) and asking for new email addresses within 3 months of graduation (before expiration of old emails). Scheduling mandatory post-induction meetings. Finding ways to maintain communication with students who move out of state. Use of creative language to draw students to meetings such as staying away from the term “meeting”, which could be a deterrent for some.

Dean Callahan asked if we ever tried to cross reference list with advancement. President H-H indicated that she worked with advancement which did an incredible job with helping.

Newsletter: Should we have a hard copy of the newsletter? The chapter made a decision a couple of years ago to eliminate hardcopies, but may have to rethink this in light what O’Reilly learned at the Leadership Summit. Mailings were also suggested to announce event/programs. Other suggestions were made, but overall it comes down to resurveying our members to see what methods of delivery members prefer.

Audit – idea has been discussed, but not happened. O’Reilly learned at the summit that anyone with a connection with members could conduct an audit as long as the individual conducting the audit is not a board member.  Green mentioned how beneficial audits have been for other organizations. Board discussed the benefits of completing an audit this year for STTI DG. Other topics brought up included requirements for filing a 990/990 EZ,. Green indicated that a 990 /990EZ is not required unless there is $25,000 of revenue, which is not applicable for  the STTI DG chapter at this time.

Lastly, discussion on the importance of beginning to use evaluation tools for follow-up and feedback from members was stressed in order to begin collecting comparative data. 
Membership criteria/recognition Discussion revolved around defining criteria and recognition of STTI DG members. Areas in need of reevaluation include the nurse leader criteria, the process and criteria for selecting students at MUCN, and recognition of exceptional members who are not publically recognized at induction.  Dean Callahan suggested forming a committee at MUCN to address student selection/criteria. Continue discussion at next meeting
Summary and next steps President asked board to provide input/feedback about areas STTI needs to focus on in the upcoming year:

Hankes: areas of focus include strategic planning to include an evaluation phase, archiving, keeping accurate records and documents. Increase visibility of STTI among students by holding social events at MUCN vs. having to leave campus. Place more emphasis of the benefits being an SSTI member by providing concrete examples.

Polchert: Use website as a forum for discussion and surveying, look at more efficient ways to utilize website and include in strategic plan. Consider engagement of new inductees through a variety of mechanisms: website, mailings, and events.

Fehring: Consider connecting with graduate students, including doctoral students.  Focus on a more intentional strategy for student recruitment at all levels. Identify ways to engage and involve faculty participation.

Greene: Build a calendar around strategic plan, which provides the process piece, but the strategic plan needs to be practical.  Financials should be seen twice a year formally. Transactions should be handled in a more expeditious manner. Increase active participation of members in STTI activities/events. Begin strategizing early to engage more students in the academic year.

O’Reilly: Evaluation is key in order to keep members engaged and abreast of accomplishments. Increase presence of STTI at MUCN by participating in orientations, open houses, etc.

Callahan: Capitalize on things MUCN is doing with  marketing and communications, 75th anniversary event participation, Alumni engagement strategies to increase visibility,  and implement deliberate strategies. House a permanent STTI Delta Gamma display in MUCN entrance. Place a poster/display at MU Neighborhood Health Center promoting the book drive project. Partner in a more intentional way with student nurses. Link Delta Gamma website to display screen in Terrace. Several expressed the need to implement a mechanism to keep track of members who move out of state. Callahan suggested connecting students with chapters in areas they are moving to.

Garcia: Connecting students who move out of state with a STTI mentor located in the state they are moving to; STTI members/board to participate in community activities with students such as hunger task force; increase visibility with MUSNA; highlight member accomplishments and new members on Facebook and website.

Other ideas: leader-to-leader teleconferences-making informal phone calls may provide other opportunities for collaborations locally and within the U.S. All: MSN, PhD, and community member recruitment should be more intentional. Reevaluating the criteria for induction. Develop a collective message about our intentions and goals. 

Overall themes included engagement and intentional recruitment of new members and continuing members, evaluation, and deliberate strategizing.

Revisit strategic plan; consider reorganizing it in table format.

Strategic plan

Board reviewed 2009 goals for the Strategic Plan


  • Continue support of annual research grant award at $3000                                 
    Goal Met and will continue to support
  • Goal Met: Continue participation on planning committee for SE Wisconsin Research Day
    Goal Met and will continue to participate
  • Continue financial support of $125 for door prizes for the SE Wisconsin Research Day
    Goal Met and will continue, but reconsider the amount at the next meeting
  • Sponsor an educational program for the membership that showcases the research supported in the previous year by the DG grant
    Goal not met due to scheduling conflicts with MUCN 100 Years of Women Programming.
    Suggestions: Hold a Mini research showcase for at students which could include the above stated goal.
  • Enhance membership communication and invitation to post their scholarly work on the DG website
    Goal partially met through the use of website. Posted abstracts and new publications were updated within the navigation bar for research and other publications.


  • Sponsor 2 Board Members at the 40th STTI Biennial Meeting in Oct. 09
    Goal Met
  • Sponsor 2 Board or Committee Members at the STTI Leadership Academy in Sept. 2010
    Goal partially met: One board member attended
    Suggestions: Dean Callahan suggested partnering with MUCN to sponsor students for the STTI leadership Academy at the Indianapolis. Sponsorship could include Academy registration fee and a stipend to help with hotel costs. Could sponsor inducted juniors with the expectations to present to their peers afterwards (commitment piece).
  • Continue to sponsor Joint Program with the Milwaukee Consortium in Spring of 2010
    Goal Met

Continue support of MUNHC by conducting book drives throughout the year at all DG sponsored events; partner with MUSNA on a minimal of 1 book drive, include in invitations for Induction and 30th year celebration.

Goal Met and will continue to support
Suggestions: Mary Polchert suggested linking book drive to PayPal. Dean Callahan recommended that alumni know about PayPal connection to book drive. Maureen O’Reilly suggested time to be arranged at a MUCN faculty meeting to provide an overview of Delta Gamma and book drive. Other suggestions included collecting friendly used books at various locations, having the students purchase books, and having students deliver books as previously done.

Continue to support MU “Project Beyond” by providing mentorship to students. Currently 1 DG member is connected with a student.
Goal partially met. One DG member sponsored three students. This goal was partially effective due to scheduling conflicts with students
Suggestions: Continue to explore mentorship goal, but also provide financial support to pay student tutors for BEYOND students. Students could benefit from tutoring their freshmen year, a critical time for many. Estimated cost 10/week per semester/$3,200 per year.

  • Host the 30 year celebration of Delta Gamma in April 2010 for members and past members
    Goal Met


  • Implement Pay Pal on web site for online registrations and donations
    Goal Met
  • Host the 30 year celebration of Delta Gamma in April 2010 for members and past members
    Goal Met
  • Explore mentoring of nursing students by DG members to expose them to a variety of roles in nursing beyond the acute care experience
    Goal Not Met
Explore Chapter Key Award
Continue to explore; no decisions made
Suggestions: Dr. Fehring mentioned the student scholar program that designates freshmen students with exceptional GPA’s at the end of their first year to consider a graduate degree. There may be partnership opportunities


















Continue discussion about book drive at next meeting




Continue discussion about book drive at next meeting





Continue discussion about book drive at next meeting

Next meeting Wednesday, August 18, 2010,  4:00-5:30pm Board to schedule 2010-2011 meetings at August meeting
Adjournment 12:00 noon

Respectfully submitted



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