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DATE: September 9, 2010
PRESENT: Margaret Callahan, Diane Dressler, Barb Haag-Heitman, Richard Fehring
ABSENT: Maureen O’Reilly, Mary Darling, Maureen Greene, Mary Polchert
HELD: Room 220, Clark Hall, Marquette University College of Nursing




Call to order

4:10 by President Barb H-H


8-18-10 minutes approved with minor revisions/changes.  Motion by Diane Dressler; seconded by Dr. Richard Fehring. Terrie Garcia to email minutes for upload to the DG website to Mary Polchert after revisions made.

Terrie Garcia

Chapter Key Award

Chapter Key Award deferred


Creating Welcoming Environments

Discussion revolved around creating welcoming environments to help increase membership. Several ideas surfaced as a way to increase the number of diverse members and graduating students such as giving faculty a quick factsheet with membership benefits to increase visibility of chapter and inviting President H-H to speak to BEYOND students. Board members have been increasing awareness/visibility. For example, Maureen Obrien addressed graduate students at orientation. Dr. Callahan suggested targeting faculty who have exposure to junior and senior students. President H-H suggested that Terrie Garcia and Diana Dressler also explore marketing tools (i.e. brochures/handouts) to increase membership when they attend the Leadership Summit in October.


Leadership Academy

Terrie Garcia and Diane Dressler will be attending a STTI Leadership Summit October 16-17, 2010 at Arlington, TX. Keynote speakers include Beverly Malone Patricia E. Thompson, and Billye Brown. Terrie and Diane to provide a report at the November meeting.

Terrie Garcia and Diane Dressler

Delta Gamma At Large - Barb Haag-Heitman

Patty Schroeder, Barb H-H, and Diane Dressler accomplished a great deal in terms of identifying steps.  Deans will be called for feedback as well as asking people at conference for feedback. Questions raised included: How do we invite students from different schools, what does equal party ownership look like, how will the Alverno grading system rank students for membership, and how could we ensure an even distribution of members from each of the colleges. Areas that need to be addressed include review of chapter amendment list, notices for membership involvement, and a detailed timeline. One of the areas of focus will be to increase the number of Alverno members, at this point there is a very small core. We would need to identify potential new members for the Spring induction. Patty Varga, from Alverno, was recommended to help with identification of potential Alverno members. Overall progress is being made. Sara Morgan will be attending the next meeting to continue discussion. We are looking at a potential implementation date in Spring of 2011.  

Barb H-H and Diane Dressler

Fall Educational Event - Maureen O'Reilly & Margaret Callahan

Maureen O’Reilly is overseeing the planning for the fall educational event. At this time, Maureen was not present at meeting to discuss event, however board discussed the following event ideas: offering a fall event in conjunction with MUCN, offer a separate event in November at the CON, sponsor an event about mentoring for Project BEYOND nursing students, offer an information webinar for membership, ask Dr. Kirsten Haglund and Dr. Kathryn Osborne to present. Overall, the decision for the fall educational event will be left to Maureen O’Reilly. Discussions will continue at next meeting. Barb H-H reminded board that we need to offer a minimum of two educational events/year to members at large.

Other discussions included use of various vehicles to hold a general meeting and inform membership about the possibility of an “at large” chapter. Some ideas discussed included blogging, email, webinar, and adding a video to the STTIDG website. No decisions were made at this time. Discussions will continue at next meeting.

Other ideas discussed to increase visibility at MUCN would be to place the STTIDG logo on materials/handouts being distributed at MUCN events. Dr. Callahan mentioned that she would talk to advancement about putting logo on some of the materials used for specific events. 

Maureen O’Reilly









Dr. Callahan

Project BEYOND

Discussion revolved around the importance of providing funds to support peer tutoring for Project BEYOND students. It was suggested that ~$3,600 could support 4 students @ 3 hours a week for the 2010-2011 academic year. All agreed this would be a worthwhile and meaningful cause. Barb H-H will to present this to membership.

Barb H-H and Terrie Garcia

Research - Richard Fehring

Dr. Fehring attended the Bridges Conference group. Currently there are five chapters in Milwaukee (DG MU; ETA Nu Chapter UWM, Phi Beta Chapter Concordia, Tau Mu , Carroll University). The research conference will be held Friday May 13th; the theme will relate to debunking evidenced-based myths. Cheryl Beck, NIH researcher, may be one of the speakers addressing these myths. Other ideas included asking the Medical College of Wisconsin to provide a speaker during lunch to address this topic as well.

Lastly, another way to increase visibility and create welcoming environments through the DG display, however the display needs to be updated. Barb H-H to work on this.






Barb H-H


Meeting adjourned 5:04p.m. Next meeting changed to 10-20-10 at 4:00 pm. Terrie Garcia to book room at MUCN accordingly. November will be left open at this time for possible meeting dates.

Respectfully submitted,
Juanita T. Garcia, MEd, RN

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